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10 Yoga poses for Weight loss

Written By Vijay K
Posted On 18 Feb, 2020

Many factors including faulty food habits, lack of physical activity, low metabolic rate, stress and anxiety, less sleep can lead to weight gain.

While many do not consider yoga to be an aerobic exercise, done actively at a decent speed can burn a lot of calories. Besides yoga helps build physical, mental and emotional stability thereby reducing stress and improving mindfulness. You become aware of your eating habits and tend to avoid overeating.

Boat Pose – Navasana

As the name suggests your body resembles a boat in this pose. Lie down flat on your back. Lift the upper part of the body and your legs to form a V shape. Keep your arms straight and bring them to your knees. Hold for as long as comfortable and then return. 

Boad pose - Navasana
Boat pose – Navasana Credit yanalya

Chair Pose – Utkatasana

Stand straight with your feet slightly apart. Stretch your arms straight up. Bend your knees slightly to the extent you easily can.

Chair Pose - Utkatasana
Chair Pose – Utkatasana

Upwards dog pose – Urdhava Mukha Svanasana

Lie down flat on your stomach. Place your hands next to your shoulders and lift the upper part of the body.

Upwards dog pose
Upwards dog pose – urdhva mukha svanasana

Bow pose – Dhanurasana

Lie down on your stomach. Slowly lift upper part of your body. Also lift your legs. Try holding your ankles. 

Bow pose - dhanurasana
Bow pose – dhanurasana Credit yanalya

Bridge pose – Setu bandha Sarvangasana

Start by lying on your back. Bend your knees. Lift your back with shoulders firmly on the ground.

bridge pose - setu bandh sarvangasana
bridge pose – Setu Bandh Sarvangasana

Plank pose – Phalakasana

Lie down on your stomach. LIft your body to be on your toes and straight arms.

Plank pose - Phalakasana
Plank pose – Phalakasana Credit yanalya

Upward Plank pose – Purvottanasana

Lie down on your back. Raise your upper body on your arms with your feet firm on the ground.

Upwards plank pose - purvottanasana
Upwards plank pose – purvottanasana Credit yanalya

Warrior II – Virbhadrasana II

Stand straight. Step your left foot towards the back of your mat as far as you can and bend your right knee to balance easily. Raise your both arms to the level of shoulders and stretch.

Warrior II - Virbhadrasana II pose
Warrior II – Virbhadrasana II pose Credit yanalya

Warrior III – Virbhadrasana III

Stand straight. Bend forward with arms stretched straight. Lift your left leg so that your left leg, upper body and arms are in one straight line. 

Warrior III - Virbhadrasana III
Warrior III – Virbhadrasana III Credit yanalya

Shoulder Stand – Sarvangasana

Start by lying on your back. Raise your legs up and then slowly raise your back with shoulders firmly on the ground. You can take cushion support or raise your legs against a wall to begin with, which in itself is very relaxing and stress relieving. 

Shoulder stand - Sarvangasana
Shoulder stand – Sarvangasana Credit yanalya

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