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Ideal Weight

Written By Vijay K
Posted On 27 Feb, 2020

What should be my Weight

Most people at some point of time think of losing weight. Ideal body weight is not exact science. It is only a reference and may help you make healthy life choices like regular exercise and choosing healthy foods.

It does not consider percentage of fat and muscle in your body. Which means that you may be healthy and fit but still overweight when compared to ideal weight. Also age is not a factor for calculating ideal weight between 14-15 and 70 years.

There are a number of formulas for calculating ideal body weight, Devine formula being the most popular. It’s the one used above. Calculation is as follows:

Men : 50.0 Kg + 2.3 Kg per inch for every inch over 5 feet

Women : 45.5 Kg + 2.3 Kg per inch for every inch over 5 feet

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